Headshot Session Levenshulme – 30th January 2018

Headshot Session Levenshulme – 30th January 2018

£90.00 £50.00

  • 30 Min Photo Session
  • 1 Professionally Mastered Digital download
  • Online Photo Proofing Gallery
  • Level 1 Retouching including; Blemish and Spot Removal
  • Colour Adjustments
Levenshulme Photo Session Times

30 Min Sessions 11:30 – 15:00


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  • 30 Min Photo Session
  • 1 Professionally Mastered Digital download
  • Online Photo Proofing Gallery
  • Level 1 Retouching including; Blemish and Spot Removal
  • Colour Adjustments

Terms and Conditions

Session fine print:

Date: 30th January, 2018

Location: Levenshulme M19 (Address will be sent after payment)

Cost: £50 (including tax) Includes: 1 high-res edited images via online download

Only 1 mini-session allowed per person/family.

Each session will have a maximum of 30 minutes of photo time, starting at the specified booking time.

Each session will receive; A) PROOFING GALLERY where from a selection of the best images you can choose your favourite shot, which will then be edited and retouched. You will receive a link to a proofing gallery within 10 working days.  B) FINAL IMAGES WILL BE SENT VIA download link to the edited images. Download links to the images will be emailed out 4 weeks after the date images are selected for post production and retouching, to the email address you provide at the time of booking. All mini-sessions must be paid in full up front, and are non-refundable. If you are unable to get to The Wonder Inn for the session, then please do not book a slot.

By purchasing this session, paying the deposit and/or clicking the Pay Now button, the client acknowledges that they have read and agree to all terms indicated in this agreement below, as well as agree to relay the details of this contract to any and all subjects involved in the session.


The client agrees that Tobias Pearson shall provide services to photograph to the best of our abilities in accordance with the session selected. Every effort will be made to assure your satisfaction according to industry standards. Any artistic interpretations by the photographer will be deemed acceptable and correct.

We will do all that we can to ensure that you are satisfied with your images and products. We cannot be responsible for dissatisfaction due to circumstances beyond our control. In the event that photographic materials are damaged or lost through camera or computer malfunction the photographer liability will be limited to a retake of the session whenever possible or a refund of the cost of session fee if images cannot be retaken. If the session fee must be refunded, Tobias Pearson will have no further obligation to the client.


The client shall submit the required session fee, paid up front and in full, with these agreed terms to reserve the date and services of their session. The session fee can be found in the “Session Fine Print”. If the session is cancelled by the client for any reason, the session fee will not be returned. As some sessions are conducted outdoors if the session is rescheduled due to rain, the session fee may be applied to the rescheduled session date. Please refer to the session fine print for advice on the reschedule date.


The client agrees that all copyrights and/or intellectual property rights for all photographs taken at the session shall be held exclusively by Tobias Pearson. The client will receive images via download link/DropBox and may print or post them to a personal Facebook, Twitter, PhotoBucket, Blog, etc. at their discretion. The client is encouraged to back up their images upon receiving them. The client may not sell, distribute or take credit for any of the photos they have.


The client understands that or Tobias Pearson will not be held responsible for any injuries, illnesses, etc. that may derive from this session. Tobias Pearson’s style can involve outdoor and location sessions that may be in rugged areas (that may include tall grass, insects, etc.) as well as urban areas. Any injuries, animal or insect bites, robberies, vehicle impoundment or towing, etc. that occur during or after the session will not be the liability or responsibility of Tobias Pearson or any of the parties mentioned above. If at any time, you are uncomfortable and wish to terminate that segment of the session, please do so.


The client grants that Tobias Pearson may use any images taken at the session for the promotion of it’s business and services. Including but not limited to: website, blog, studio display, internal and external promotional material, and product demos.


Tobias Pearson may end the session at their discretion according to our determination of having captured adequate images both in terms of quality and quantity. If the session is ended prior to the maximum amount of time, there will be no refund or credit for unused time. Please refer to the session fine print which will detail the number of images you will receive. There is no minimum If the total number of images is above or below this amount there will be no credits given or extra charges applied. A USB can be mailed to client with the images from the session to the address provided upon booking for an additional charge. You are not limited to the amount of people or no comments link outfits included in your session. There are no sitting fees. These sessions are booked on a time basis, so photographs taken will be limited on the amount of time it takes to organize the subjects. Although we strive to give the maximum amount of photos, our sessions are relaxed and not rushed. The more time taken organizing people, the less photos that are likely to be produced. There will be no time allotted for travel. Sessions will start promptly at the time indicated. The session time runs consecutively from time selected. There will be no allowances for sessions that run later or over. Each session will end at the time stated when booked – no exceptions. The client agrees and understands that the type of work we will produce will be of similar style and calibre to the images shown on our website and blog. The client agrees to allow Tobias Pearson FULL creative control over the session as well as the suggestion of any locations or poses.


There will be no second level retouching applied to any images. Tobias Pearson maintains a natural form of editing for their images. This includes first level editing and is in the form of basic colour corrections, contrast enhancements, selective area adjustments, artistic enhancements, etc. Tobias Pearson is granted total artistic control over the final image and the client understands that these are the steps we will take when referring to retouching.

Any second level retouching, such as special requests or non-standard colouring or effects over those specified above will be billed at £25 per hour.