Preparing for a Photoshoot 101

So many things go in to making beautiful photography and a successful photoshoot. Preparing for a photoshoot can be the difference between average and exceptional photography.

Here is my recommendations

Planning and Expectations

Having clear references about what type of photography you will be producing; the styling, finishing etc

Good understanding about the nature of how and why you will be using your photography. Who are you hoping will see your final images?


Fundamental to portraiture and headshots


Get your beauty sleep the week of your photoshoot. Nature’s best medicine a good nights rest.


Another simple affordable remedy to keep you looking beautiful. Drink as much of it as you can manage the weeks  approaching your photoshoot.


Give your a hair a week after a haircut to settle in and soften as a fresh haircut can sometimes be a little too sharp, especially on guys. Facial hair similarly can be very sharp immediately after a shave so leave suitable time for it to soften or not, this is down to personal preference. I prefer slightly softer lines.

Bring some gel / wax / hair product of choice  and a comb


Guys and girls pay attention, if it covers your bones and it is going to be seen …… M O I S T U R I S E

Lips, face, neck, hands, elbows and knee’s. Your skin will thank me.

Blemishes and spots

Concealer is great for girls and guys especially if you have just had a break out of spots.


BLEND BLEND BLEND – Your neck and face should be the same colour

Makeup might be more dramatic for a portfolio or portrait shoot but generally speaking headshot photography is a little less dramatic and should err on the side of more natural.

What to wear

What you will wear to a headshot session might vary to a portrait session but usually more specific advice will be given on booking. It is always good to bring options.

  1. Always make sure the clothes are in good condition (no bobbles, stains, rips pr tears)
  2. Iron your clothes, details matter


It is important to wear things you feel comfortable in. If you are unsure about what styles and colours suit you a good reference is maybe something you have worn that has got you a few more compliments than usual.

It is not always the case that our favourite colour is the colour that enhances our natural beauty. There are many things to take in to account when wearing colour; hair colour, skin tone colour and eye colour. Essentially what you should be aiming to do is creating a harmonious colour palette with your clothes, skin, hair and eyes. You will notice some colours make you look more alive where some make you look drained. While some might favour bright colours you might find you are suited to more muted colours.


If it is a headshot you might want to aim for something plainer and not too patterned or distracting as you do want the focus to be on your face …… clue in the title “HEAD”shot although I am not one for adhering to rules so if you have a print or pattern that makes you look fabulous… amazing, bring it.

Again if you are unsure about style, has there been something you have worn that has gotten you some compliments?