Contemporary Portrait and Headshot Photography Manchester


A holistic approach to portrait and headshot photography

‘but really whats that even mean?”

Well glad you asked, I always like to go back to the WHY, the WHERE and the HOW

By understanding your goals and what you are trying to achieve I am able to produce a piece of work that not only reflects but exceeds expectations. From the initial consultation I will work with you to help you create that lasting first impression. The magic starts way before the photography begins.

So lets start with the first Question

How do you want to be seen?

Have you seen portraits or pictures that you do like? Who would you like to emulate? What Impression are you trying to create? Who are you trying to communicate with?

Get it Right

Aretha knows what i’m talking about.

From the brief, to the shoot to the post production the Devil most certainly is in the details.

My beady eyes will be looking for everything!! Stray hairs, clothes fluff and creases. I try to catch most things before I begin to shoot and then there is just human nature; removal of any spots or any skin discolourations that are not usual I fix in post production. You will see with my work how the skin is beautiful and has texture as God intended. Amen