Modern Location Headshot Manchester

Location Headshot in Manchester

Effortless and Stoic

Classic black and white photography, timeless, set against a simple but mildly gritty backdrop to help create a contemporary portrait. A headshot fit for a portfolio, actor, dancer, model or maybe you just want to add a bit of grime to your twitter profile picture. Either way pay attention to the beautiful smoothness of the light and shadow across the face. Retouched to perfection, sorry did you not notice, well thats how I like to keep it. Because skin has texture.

Are you in need of updating your portfolio or headshot? An exclusive photography service for those that value quality craftsmanship.

From the photography to the post production and retouching. Images go through intensive processing to ensure the very best in quality and finish. Colour corrections, skin cleaning, background adjustments just to name a few of the processes. Applying artistic flair and theory to produce a portrait of you looking your very best.

“its you but on a good day” (Berocca) ……. your very best infact

Create an impression. This location headshot was about creating a coolness and making something a little different from the usual blurry background portraits with plastic skin so smooth in Barbie scoffs.

The background benefited from a little light tidying removing some distracting elements behind his head. Which is really the math behind it all. Does it add or take away attention? Good taste helps too.

So you see its not just a matter of sausage factory photography for me but using my artistic skill and knowledge to help create something special and unique.

Take a look at the headshot session with Daliso Chaponda Britains Got Talent finalist for his Laughrica tour

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