Kate Magic Raw Food Course at The Wonder Inn

Obviously I was thrilled when I was asked to attend Kate Magics food course, more event photography……hmmm more food. In fact it was like one of those wonderful coincidences when I was already in the week it was proposed I attend the, that I had been trying to consider how to expand and improve my own diet. Well the universe and mother nature responded.

In fact my first statement was a lie (it just sounded good but I got to be honest) because there was at least two other events that I had to miss to make the course so in fact I attended with much inner conflict and mourning for the dancing I would never get to do. Funny how you ask for something then when you get it, you are still not happy. So the moral of the story is I pushed through……. and ahhhhhhh how beautiful. My wondering about how to expand my diet,  culinary knowledge and recipe bank were answered in the form of Kate Magic. It really was like magic.

If you are interested in exploring a raw diet, expanding your own or even the range of superfoods and supplements that are available. Kate’s shop works to source and supply some of the best raw, vegan and organic healthfoods and supplements from across the globe. Check out RAW LIVING

For more information and inspiration about raw, vegan living see Kates website Kate Magic

Alllllllsssssoooo check out Kates super delicious portfolio we captured; Kate Magic Portfolio

Event Photography Below

Kate magic Dragon TeaKate Magic Green Juice demonstration photographyKate Magic Straining Green JuiceKate Magic Raw Sushi demonstrationKate Magic Chocolate making demonstrationKate Magic Deviation ChochalateKate Magic FudgeKate Magic SaladKate Magic Raw Chocolate CakeKate magic Raw Food Course Photography

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