What is it? A Fashion Portrait? A Fashionable Portrait?

I just don’t know but its beautiful.

Well I was kidnapped by my nieces and this happened. It is fun looking how two siblings differ but are also alike. Not generally a pout photographer it took some reigning in of the teenage spirit they were oozing and I like to imagine I am capturing a little of whats underneath. Erring towards something that is always effortless and natural is kind of what I am looking for in my photography. Working with natural light, a reflector and my mini models we spent about 20 minutes capturing this beautiful collection. Pretty sure a further 40 mins were spent battling with excitable girl talk and quelling sibling rivalry. Surprising to even DD and Sky was actually a beautiful sisterly bond that I had the privilege to observe.

I did very little editing to these as there was something innately beautiful about them……(promise I was not being lazy). The mix of black and white photography and colour compliment each other. We played a little with posing and switched between that, girly giggles and more candid shots.

Where to put these…. Lifestyle, Portraits????? I will be showcasing a bit more of my lifestyle portfolio soon so keep a little look out for that.

If you prefer natural light you should take a look at Eleanor Coates headshot. Relaxed, simple and just cool.

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