Creative Portrait; Forged by Rainbows and Light

It was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with Rebecca in her studio. Bathed by the rainbow flecks of light from her hanging crystals, you can see what keeps Rebecca inspired. It was important to capture the magic of the beautiful surroundings but also to keep the portraits as natural as possible. Very little editing was done to this collection which will feature on her website. This felt important almost as though the pictures had an opinion and creative integrity separate to that of the subject or the photographer.

Some of the creative portraits were almost too moody for Rebecca’s bubbly energy but I managed to capture a little of that infectious laugh. It was interesting to watch her become lost in her work. It is great when I am fortunate enough to be able to work in such an enchanting place, hidden away in the leafy Manchester Suburb if Whalley Range.

My moment of inspiration using the mirror in my composition in front of her colour wheels, which was simply laid out for me  for this creative portrait, thank the angels in heaven for that divine inspiration.

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