What are you saying, Tobias?

Well, I am not going to tell you my life story but I offer a fantastic range of photographic services which allows me to  meet some interesting people along the way. On occasion, I also get a good meal and the odd bottle of wine out of it too.

I find selling irksome but I do offer a uniquely detailed service that enhances your natural beauty. The level of technique applied, preserving natural skin texture, harmonising colour and balancing luminosity is something I am pleased to be able to say is a unique quality to my work. I mean really look at the skin work, its bloody gorgeous. Additional to my artistic acumen, I have great taste and style which is super important. My interest in fashion photography means I can help you develop an image that is culturally and contextually in touch and exciting.

Forgive my lack of 3rd person “professional tone” writing style, I try but I am human and I am doing something creative I love. Babe you just can’t have half of me, I ‘m a whole person.


I’ll let my work do the talking so if you like it drop me a line.

I will be with you every step of the process from the brief consultation, production, and shooting, to the post production and sending over your final images

Are you cheap

Nuh uh, no being the cheapest is not what I do. I offer options that help’s everyone to access amazing photography. I need to eat and to offer quality photography it takes a lot of care and attention.


Every client is my very own advertisement of my work, portfolio and reputation. Wherever you see my work its just gotta be amazing.


Planning and preparation are key to creating effective photography. I will help you ask all the right questions to ensure your images hit the spot.

Post Production

So much goes into making a professional image and the post production is the icing and the cherry on top. All images undergo a basic post processing; ensure colours and luminosity are balanced, a compelling crop, the right effect and tone.


Headshots and Portraits go through a retouching process; cleaning the skin of any blemishes and spots, balancing tonal transitions, reducing any colour effects like red patches or where green/blue veins are present, removal of stray hairs and any other element that is distracting. The aim of a good retouch is something that looks natural.

Plastic skin or bright highlights destroying skin texture is not the best way to achieve a beautiful portrait. I work to preserve skin texture and character of the client.